Welcome to the magical world of Pretty Miss Vanity, where warriors of pure heart fight against the forces of darkness! Follow the adventures of these young magical girls as they fight to save the world, make friends, and learn lessons along the way. Well, some of them anyway...

Long ago in another realm, known as the Realm of the Fae, beings called Fairies lived in harmony with creatures called Little Mxs, sprites filled with incredible magical energy, when fused with a Fairy through a pact, the Fairy could become the master of their own unique magical ability and take the form of a Pretty Miss. All was bliss until a creature known as King Darkrah and his army descended upon the land to wreak havoc on its inhabitants. Only one Fairy, a girl named Hyacinth was able to escape to earth with some Little Mxs. After many years of hiding, the Darkrah army has come to finish her off, and so she must assemble a new team of warriors, to ensure the safety of earth.

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